Recreational Classes

OAA offers a variety of programs for the young to the young at heart! Our experienced staff work to help each individual reach their goals through the expression of movement. What do we offer that sets us apart?

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Trampoline is an Olympic sport comprising of death-defying aerial skills from a trampoline bed helping an individual reach new heights of gymnastics sport. We have training aids such as our overhead spotting harness and bungee system to help develop our athlete’s goals to safely learn how to flip on a trampoline. Our educated and experienced staff allow athletes to progress in a safe environment all while having fun!

Power Tumbling is a thrilling gymnastics sport where the athlete acquires acrobatic skills to flip and twist on a bouncy floor surface from their hands and feet.  Athletes start with basic skills like handstands, cartwheels and walkovers and progress through to handsprings and inversions.  Athletes will rotate through our power track, tumbling strip, floor circuits and trampoline. This program is offered to our youth and teen age groups. 

Trampoline and Power Tumbling is our biggest program combining the thrill of power tumbling with the aerial skills of trampoline. Athletes will rotate between our trampolines, power track, rod floor and the double-mini. 

This introductory programming allows athletes to work on various apparatus such as the rope, bars, beam, floor circuits, power track, double-mini and trampoline.  Gymnastics has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a foundation sport for its focus of developing fundamental movement patterns developing multi-sport motor skills.

Parent and Toddler (walking to 3 years) – This program is a 45-minute family class for a parent or guardian and their toddler, from walking age to three years old. Participants will go through circuits developing important movement patterns like jumping, climbing and rolling – just to name a few. 

Tyke Gym (3 and 4 years old) – This program is 45-minutes where athletes rotate throughout the gym in a structured class.  Participants will work through circuits on the floor developing balance, coordination, jumping, running and creating a base for their fundamental movement patterns.  Additionally, athletes will be introduced to the power track and trampolines.

Kinder Gym (4 to 6 years old) – This is a one hour program where athletes work on more specific gymnastics skills on various apparatus. From tumbling basics like handstands and cartwheels to fundamental landing positions on trampoline, this is a great class to showcase foundations to gymnastics.  

Junior Gym (6 to 8 years old) – This one hour class is geared towards gymnasts who love to do a bit of everything.  Athletes will be introduced to aerial apparatus, trampoline skills and general circuits, all while continuing to develop their tumbling basics.

Athletes use various aerial apparatuses including silks, straps, lyra (hoop) and static trapeze to showcase artistic movement patterns that demonstrate strength and flexibility. These apparatuses are widely used in circus performance for its unique artistry and acrobatics. A great compliment to the strength and flexibility of dancers and gymnasts or for those who just love to climb!  The aerial program is offered from junior age to adult.

OAA offers some unique fitness program combining traditional exercises with the enjoyment of movement. Participants will use exercise equipment, circuit training and the trampolines. Classes currently offered in the format of a bootcamp and personal training.