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Quinte Bay Invitational (March 4) @ Quinte Bay Gymnastics in Belleville

OAA is so excited for our first Interclub Invitational of the season!  There are a lot of first-time competitors, so here is a quick list of reminders:

  1. Plain white ankle socks or white trampoline slippers only on trampoline.  Barefoot for tumbling.
  2. Long hair should be tied up in a bun and tightly pulled back, including any bangs that could hang down below the eyes.
  3. No undergarments should be visible when dressed in competitive attire.
  4. Arrive 30-minutes before the scheduled stretch time, as the event can start up to 30-minutes early (if the competition is ahead of schedule).
  5. Female competitors can wear plain black shorts over their gymsuit.
  6. Most importantly, smiles should be worn at all times!

…. and feel free to cheer on your teammates: Arayne, Avery, Hannah, Jayda, Kallie, and Kyleigh.  Good Luck!!! 

Event Documents:

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