Cameron Osborne, ChPC

Head Coach, Owner/Operator

Chartered Professional Coach

Cameron started coaching in 1999 at a Men’s artistic gymnastics club in Oshawa.

He coaches because the sport is such a big part of his life in and out of the gym and it continues to give him an opportunity to learn, grow and live a healthy lifestyle. He wants to give everyone an opportunity to experience the enjoyment of movement and love for the sport that he has.

When athletes come back to visit, coach, volunteer, etc. he finds the testament to his own definition of successful coaching, which is the memories and experiences the athletes relate to life beyond the sport and coming back to share that with him.

To him, OAA is a second home that is welcoming, inclusive, encouraging, positive and fun.

Cameron enjoys being able to demonstrate skills, even though his athletes will exceed his skill level. His favourite event to train is pommel horse and his 2 favourite skills to do on trampoline are double porpoise and side flip.

His coaching superpower is patience.

Chartered Professional Coach

Leah Osborne

Co-owner/Competitive coach

Leah started coaching when she was 14 years old at Durham Academy of Gymnastics and Airborne Trampoline North. She started coaching at OAA in 2014.

Her favourite part about coaching is the connections she makes with the kids and the connections the kids make with each other. She loves forming connections, getting kids out of their shell.

Her faviourite thing to do at OAA is just doing flips on the trampoline!

To her, OAA means family and a place where she calls home.

Leah’s superpower is getting kids out of their comfort zones and having fun!

Leah Osborne - Coach


Competitive coach & administrator

OAA Staff - Megan

Megan began her gymnastics journey at the young age of 5 and never has looked back.

Her motivation for coaching stems from her love for sharing her knowledge and passion with like-minded individuals. Her aim is to create a cheerful environment that evokes memories similar to those she experienced as an athlete.

The most enjoyable part of coaching for Megan is helping athletes build their skills and observing their progress and accomplishments!

To her, OAA feels like a second home. Over the years, she has witnessed the growth of the athletes and have been fortunate enough to share in their achievements as well as their mistakes. They have influenced her life in countless ways, and she hopes to have made a similar impact on them!

Her most cherished activity in the gym is wall-walking!

Megan’s coaching superpower is her ability to lend a listening ear to the athletes regarding all areas of their lives. She believes successful training encompasses all aspects of their lives, and sometimes the kids just need someone to confide in.

OAA Staff - Megan


Competitive coach

OAA Staff - Sean

Sean started recreational trampoline at Kingston Aeros Trampoline Club in, you guessed it, Kingston, ON! This is also where he started coaching. His coach, asked him to enter the CIT (Coach-in-Training) program and he hasn’t turned back since!

Sean coaches for many reasons though generally, and ultimately, it is because he loves it. Specifically, he coaches because passing on the knowledge and lessons that he values most (that he has learned from his own coaches/teachers and friends over the years) is important to him. He wouldn’t be the person he is today without them. The relationships that he has built, and am still building, working with athletes of all ages has been fulfilling and makes his time at the gym very meaningful. Coaching is often challenging and he enjoys that despite how difficult it can be at times. He thinks that helps to make him a better and more capable person outside of the gym and for that He is grateful. It is also just so fun! 🙂

Sean’s favourite part about coaching is definitely the relationships and friendships that he is able to make during the process! It is a privilege to be able to get to know and build bonds with so many athletes, parents, and coaches he works with.

To him, OAA is such an amazing place. OAA is a reminder of his time as an athlete and both the joys and challenges he had faced. It also is a place, where now, he is able to make an impact on young people, and so he feels a duty and responsibility to be a role model. He thinks and hope that he will be here in the future, and so OAA is a place where he looks forward to making new and lasting memories as well. To sum it up, OAA means a whole lot to him.

His favourite thing to do at the gym is… coaching! If there is no one to coach, he likes to jump as high as he can on the trampoline. He find it still exhilarating to this day!

Sean likes to think his coaching superpower is his ability to be positive and to instill confidence in the athletes he works with. You’ll have to ask the athletes though!

OAA Staff - Sean


Competitive coach

OAA Staff - Adrian

Adrian took a leap and signed up for adult gymnastics classes at Seneca College in 2009 and continued his gymnastics development at East York Gymnastics Club, Steeles West Gymnastics, and eventually Scarborough Gym Elites in 2011, where he met Cameron and joined his Masters trampoline program in 2012. Adrian started coaching for OAA in 2014.

He coaches because he loves teaching kids new skills and seeing them achieving their goals. His favourite part about coaching is seeing all the happy faces on the kids as they do their activities in the gym. He also finds fulfillment when the athletes understand and implement corrections he provides, which improves their skills and boosts their confidence.

To him, OAA has become another home, with many new friends and families.

Adrian’s superpowers are being honest, straightforward, and encouraging in coaching.

OAA Staff - Adrian

Avery S.

Recreational coach

OAA Staff - Avery S

Avery started her athletic journey in trampoline 5 years ago and has been coaching at OAA for 3 years now.

As a gymnastics coach, she has found incredible fulfillment in seeing the happiness that young athletes have when they master new skills and achieve their goals. Coaching provides a wonderful opportunity to interact with young athletes, creating a supportive environment where they can develop not only as gymnasts but also as people.

Her favourite part of coaching is being able to share the knowledge and skills that were once taught to her.

To Avery, OAA feels like a second home; it is more than just a gymnastics club or a place to train. We all support and motivate one another as a team, with the coaches and teammates becoming a second family.

When she is in the gym, her favourite thing to do is work on perfecting her routines and learning new skills.

Avery’s coaching superpower is being able to remain calm in chaotic situations.

OAA Staff - Avery S


Recreational coach

OAA Staff - Hope

Hope first started coaching at OAA in 2018.  She is also a national athlete at OAA.

She coaches because she enjoy watching kids have fun and she also likes being able to help kids learn new skills. Her favourite part of coaching is watching kids grow and develop.

When she is not coaching at the gym, she enjoys training and learning new skills.

To her, OAA isn’t just a place of work but a family.

Hope’s superpower is being able to adapt her lesson plans to fit what the kids want/prefer to do.

OAA Staff - Hope


Recreational coach


Derek has been training in trampoline and double-mini trampoline for 11 years and coaching for 5 years.

He enjoys helping kids reach their goals and seeing the look of achievement on the kids’ faces when they get a new skill they have been working on.

To him, OAA is his second home. He enjoys not only training but also teaching the next generation of future athletes.

His favourite thing to do at OAA is double-mini trampoline or silks.

Derek’s coaching superpower is patience.



Recreational coach & supervisor

OAA Staff - Anni

Anni started competitive trampoline in 2009 and started coaching as soon as she was able (at 13) and have loved it ever since!

She enjoys coaching to help others love the sport like I do. 🙂  Her favourite part about coaching is watching an athlete get the skills they’ve been working on.

To her, OAA means being your own person and being accepted regardless (safe space).

Double-mini trampoline was always her favourite apparatus but she competed in trampoline longer.

Anni’s coaching superpower is her loud voice and positive attitude.

OAA Staff - Anni


Recreational coach & supervisor

OAA Staff - Tyler

Tyler started teaching himself gymnastics skills when he was 16 and started working at OAA in September 2021. 

He coaches because he loves to see the confidence boost in athletes when they achieve their goals.  His favourite part of coaching is watching students fall in love with a new skill.

To him, OAA is a community of support, inclusion and encouragement.

His favourite thing to do in the gym is climbing the silks.

His coaching superpower is being encouraging and being inclusive to everyone.

OAA Staff - Tyler


Recreational coach

OAA Staff - Naomi

Naomi  started gymnastics when she was 2 and started coaching in 2019.

She coaches to share her passion with others.  She finds seeing the kids’ eyes light up because they got a new skill very rewarding.

To her, OAA is a fun, safe space to learn and where everyone is welcomed and valued.

Her favourite thing to do at OAA is performing aerial silks.

Naomi’s superpower is being able to turning silks skills into routines.

OAA Staff - Naomi


Recreational coach

OAA Staff - Kyleigh

Kyleigh started participating in gymnastics when she was just 2 years old.  She started competitive trampoline and attended her first interclub meet when she was 6.

She coaches because being an athlete at OAA helped her become more confident and she wants to help new athletes become confident in themselves too.

Her favourite part of coaching is challenging her athletes to try something they think they cannot do and then seeing their faces when they succeed.

For her, OAA is a place where you can be yourself, challenge yourself, feel good about yourself, and where you are supported by others to grow too.

Her favourite things to do in the gym are to learn new skills on double-mini trampoline and to practice synchro on trampoline with Coach Claire.

Kyleigh’s coaching superpowers is being organized and her athletes are helping her to become a better coach.

OAA Staff - Kyleigh


Recreational coach


Claire has been interested in acrobatics since the age of 2, and she currently participates in competitive trampoline and tumbling at OAA.  She started coaching around 2021.

She has a passion for working with kids and she loves having each kids’ amazing, contagious energy around her and watching them grow.

Her favourite thing about coaching is seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces when they succeed in getting a skill. She also enjoys the bonds she make with all of the athletes.

To her, OAA is a place she feels safe in, a place where she can be herself and make friends.

Her favourite thing to do in the gym is trampoline and her coaching superpower is having a lot of patience!



Recreational coach


Christopher initially started in Acrobatics/Tumbling, and it wasn’t until several years later when he discovered trampoline that he knew he had found his passion.

Coaching means a lot to him because helping others achieve their goals is a fulfilling experience.

His favourite thing about coaching is seeing the look on my athletes’ faces when they achieve something they have been working hard on.

To him, OAA is like a second family. Everyone is friendly and treats others with respect, which makes for a great atmosphere.

His favourite thing to do at OAA is socializing and having fun with the people he trains and coaches with.

Christopher’s coaching superpower is having patience with his athletes because trampoline and tumbling are challenging sports!



Recreational coach


Owen started training at OAA around 2017, and started coaching around 2021.

He coaches because he enjoys teaching children the sport that he love doing.

His favourite part about coaching is being able to see his students learn new skills like landing their first back flip or front flip. Their excitement makes him happy and he knows that he has accomplished his goal of being a coach.

To him, OAA is like a second family. He spends most of his time there if he is not at home. He can trust everybody there and have so much fun whenever he is at the gym.

His favourite thing to do in the gym is either parkour or just trying to jump as high as he can on the trampoline. It makes him feel like he is flying.

Owen’s coaching superpower is showing the students really hard tricks. He would do his best to show the cool tricks they request to see.



Recreational coach


Teja starting in artistic gymnastics since she could walk, and she  switched to power tumbling 6 years ago.  She started coaching in 2016 while she was still doing artistic gymnastics.

She believes trampoline & tumbling / gymnastics is one of the most valuable sports anyone could participate in. Having been in the sport from a young age, she can fully appreciate how much it has done for her and how much value it adds to someone’s life. She also loves working with others to help them reach personal goals, and OAA being in such a positive environment certainly helps!

Her favourite thing about coaching is seeing someone learn a new skill, and working with them to gain confidence during the process!

OAA has become a place for her to be herself over the years. The coaches and the trampoline community are the most positive, kind, encouraging group she has met and it has consistently been one of her favourite places to go since she started.

Her favorite thing to do at OAA is tumbling!

Teja’s coaching superpower is making everyone feel welcome, appreciated, and able to accomplish their goals.