Six OAA Athletes Compete at Canadian Championships in Calgary
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Six OAA Athletes Compete at Canadian
Championships in Calgary

On July 21, the Canadian championships in trampoline gymnastics kicked off in Calgary, Alberta. Athletes from across the country competed for national titles and selection for international competitions. This marked the first team event in three years. The Osborne Academy of Acrobatics (OAA), located in Pickering, Ontario, had six athletes compete in Calgary.

At the age of 17, Derek Thompson has competed in trampoline gymnastics for over 10 years. Derek is quiet, kind-hearted, and a great part of the OAA community. His perfectionism allows him to excel in gymnastics and he is also a great role model to the students he coaches. Derek is not only talented on the trampoline but also in circus arts, where he is a member of OAA’s aerial acrobatics performance team. Derek had a great performance in Calgary, finishing 8th on double-mini level 17, 17+ division, and 1st in the double-mini team event.

Kezia, also 17 years of age, is one of the more committed athletes to come through OAA. Despite the long commute to the gym, Kezia always shows up ready to train. She is extremely dedicated to the sport and aims to one day compete in the senior category. Kezia is not afraid to push to her limits when learning new skills and her determined personality means she won’t stop until she gets there. At Nationals, Kezia finished 12th in individual trampoline level 7 women, 17+ division.

Nick Kvrgic has been training on the trampoline for 16 years – 13 of which have been with Cameron. While Nick can be unpredictable, he is always consistent in his positive attitude, determination, and amazing work ethic. One thing Nick is known for is always wearing the same headband. The old headband is constantly flying off his head while he’s practicing tricks, and his long hair is let loose. Recently, Nick has been working diligently to perform a high difficulty routine and hopes to have a future competing in the senior category. Nick did a great job in Calgary, where he was participating in his 7th National Championships.

Of the six athletes, Brent Farnsworth is the newest to OAA. Despite working full time in the summer and being in school the rest of the year, Brent still manages to find time to train. In school, Brent studies sports psychology, which explains the calm confidence he brings to gymnastics. In Calgary, Brent finished 10th in double-mini Level 5 Men, 17+ category, 10th in individual trampoline level 7 men, 17+ division, and 1st in the double-mini team event.

It never goes unnoticed when Avery Shaw walks into the gym. Avery has a large, out-going personality that brings a positive energy to any room she walks in. She’s known amongst OAA for her dramatic falls in training. Avery is an extremely talented athlete and saw a huge improvement over the Covid period. 2022 was her first National championships experience and she put up a great performance. The OAA team looks forward to seeing her at future competitions.

Owen Ritchie was also attending his first Nationals this month, where he competed in two different events. He never turns down a challenge, and similarly almost never loses a challenge. Owen loves parkour and learning new tricks in the gym. He recently won the Ontario championships in double mini, and carried that success into Calgary where he finished 5th on double-mini in the level 5 Men, 15-16 division.

Cameron Osborne is the owner and founder of The Osborne Academy of Acrobatics. Cam coached his first Nationals in 2005 – this year marked his 15th time at Nationals. Cameron’s coaching credentials are impressive. He is a level 4 trampoline, level 3 men’s artistic and level 3 women’s artistic coach under the NCCP. A former gymnast himself, Cameron used to specialize on the pommel horse. He has now found a passion for teaching athletes and takes great joy in watching them succeed in competition and in life.

After a three-year hiatus due to covid, this year’s Nationals lived up to the high expectations. The excitement and pride is evident in OAA, and the team is eager for the next competition.

The Osborne Academy of Acrobatics is a large training facility in Pickering, offering classes in trampoline, gymnastics, and circus. The OAA community is filled with recreational and competitive athletes of all ages, flipping, flying, and twisting through the air. OAA believes in not only developing excellent athletes but also outstanding people.

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